Visiting D.C./Nigeria? Part 2

Let me start this second installment by saying, I am not a stranger to living without air conditioning in my house and car.  I spent 90% of my childhood without air in the house and often not in the car, but we combatted the heat by having huge fans in each room and often going to the mall or movies during the heat of the afternoon.  So, I was none too pleased to return from our errands on day two to a house where all the windows were closed and the only fan was upstairs in a room.

The big plan for the day was to get ice cream and the assumption was as soon as the oldest daughter got home from school we would go.  Meanwhile, Siye had disappeared again and our girls were spending all their time playing on the tablet with Siye’s youngest daughter.  We had enough of this and Wole took the tablet away insisting they actually play with each other, which lasted all of an hour until Patience gave them back the tablet.  Sade and I just read our books in an attempt to distract ourselves from the heat.  The oldest returned home and there was still no Siye.  Finally after 8pm he arrived and rushed us all out of the house and we used both cars to head to ice cream.  Silly me had assumed this place would be nearby, so my annoyance grew as this drive got longer and longer, particularly since I planned on leaving early the next morning to get on the train.   When we finally arrived to this pay by the ounce FroYo place, I silently fumed to myself imagining the fifty places just like it we probably passed on our way.  The ice cream somewhat placated me as ice cream always does and I enjoyed cuddling with my daughters on the hour journey back to the house.

When we got back, Wole shared with me Sade had confided she couldn’t sleep the night before because of the heat.  This made me feel guilty, even though this was not my house, and I felt I should do something.  The only fan in Sade and our girls room was a ceiling fan that moved about as fast as a mile per hour, so I found one of the little personal fans to put in their room.  This little baby fan had apparently already been pushed way past its limits, because when I turned it on in their room the whole thing fell apart.  I laughed, because what else could I do.

Wole and I went to bed shortly after that, but between the heat which even the big fan was doing nothing to alleviate and the original plastic that had been left on the mattress crackling every time we moved in the slightest, we didn’t sleep.  Wole confided: “This was not what I meant when I asked you to be ready to tolerate some craziness and if I’d known what I was bringing us into, we wouldn’t have come.”  Me:  “You are sweet and wonderful and wanted our daughters to get to know their cousins.  I love that about you and its not your fault it turned out differently than you’d planned.”   We then both agreed our one night stay in a hotel at D.C. needed to turn into a two night stay and laughed our way through the hot evening.  At least we were in this together and I’d rather be with Wole in the worst of conditions than living it up without him.  It was a bonding experience as we talked through the night, finally passing out from exhaustion at about 4 am.

The next day, Siye got lost taking us to the train and took us to the wrong entrance, but eventually we were on our way!  We had a great time visiting the castle, the African Art Museum, and the Air and Space Museum.  The African Art Museum had an exhibit on a Benin photographer and we joked about finding Mummy in some of the photos.

I was amused to learn a few pieces in their collection had come from Walt Disney and by the modern pieces like this awesome soccer ball dress.  I totally want one of these for the kids!

Our youngest was a little bored by the Air and Space museum, but luckily Night at the Museum had sparked her interest in finding Amelia Earhart and Einstein bobble heads.  Plus, who doesn’t love going inside a Rocket!  While we were there we received a call from Patience and I quickly got her on the phone with Wole, thinking they must have arrived for the evening as Siye, Patience, and their girls were supposed to come and spend the night somewhere and then spend the next  day as well.  After getting off the phone, Wole communicated Patience had called because Siye still wasn’t back, so even though the girls had been kept out of school for the day, they were not coming at all that day.  Sade was particularly incensed at this.

That night we went to Clyde’s and had their crab tower.  Clyde’s first starts with sweet coconut rice, then piles on crunchy seaweed salad, crab salad, and then avocado.  Wole and I both moaned as all the flavors mixed together in our mouth!

Afterwards we were still a tad hungry and grabbed some Godiva milkshakes.  While we were waiting for the milkshakes to be prepared the girls were chasing each other around and tickling each other.  Our youngest cracked us up when she laughingly yelled, “Sister, you made me pee a little!”  Back at the hotel we enjoyed the fact that we had hot showers and slept like babies in the temperature controlled awesomeness.


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