The Same Thing Happens Every Vacation

Vacations.  The word holds hope, excitement, anxiety….wait why is anxiety there you might ask.  Well, Wole and I have very different ideas of vacation.  I am a self-diagnosed control freak that needs to plan, so to “go with the flow” is not exactly my thing.  At work this is helpful, as I have a lesson road map in my head and check off each item and keep the class moving.  Wole is more of a perfectionist, which means he’s more worried about meticulously checking and rechecking an item, not hurriedly checking it off his list, which is great for his career.  On vacation our great combo takes some compromise and maneuvering.

Wole has joked I should look into being a travel agent, because if I plan for work, I plan twice as much for vacations.  When I vacation I want to see, eat, and do all that I possibly can in the time allotted.  If there is down time I am kicking myself for all that we’re missing!    Wole on the other hand is more relaxed on vacations and in no hurry to get anywhere.  You can see where problems might arise.

For example, the vacation of all vacations:  Disneyworld.   We got up leisurely, had a long breakfast and slowly waited for the bus to meet us at the hotel to take us into the park and didn’t arrive until 11am.  For the three hours it took us to get ready and there, Inside Out’s Anger was running laps in my brain, screaming at anyone and everyone, and stomping up and down for extra measure.  Everyone else was seemingly content and non-pulsed.  Once we were at the Magic Kingdom, Anger took a coffee break, ate his Mickey pretzel, and took a nap.  This same basic scenario plays out every trip, no matter what the destination.

So, how do we not make each other insane on trips?  Well, sometimes we do.  I am aware that I am control and schedule crazy and realization that you have a problem is the first step right?  Seeing that I’m stressing does not always allow me to shut down the crazy and Wole still gets frustrated with the cray cray even though he knows it’s coming.  We are almost always able to push past the frustration and remember:  we love each other deeply and spending time together is a treat not to be taken for granted.  Wole will always be my best friend and favorite travel partner, even if the laid back approach makes me twitch a little.


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